• Q: How many sites can I monitor for free?
         A: Up to 3 websites.

  • Q: If I want to monitor over 3, or 10 or even over 50+ sites under my account, what should I do?
         A: Feel free to upgrade to a Premium or Corporate account accordingly to fit your needs.

  • Q: How accurate is your service?
         A: We are 99.9% accurate when we notify you of the changes or website uptime status change.

  • Q: What differs you from other alike services?
         A: We have a unique service that monitors your site’s uptime, expiration dates. Additionally, we alert you of your potential domain name theft and DDoS attack.

  • Q: Why should I sing up for site monitoring with you?
         A: To be the first one to know of the changes and the status of your site.

  • Q: How reliable is your service?
         A: We guarantee 99.9% service up time and on top we have never let our clients down in the past.

  • Q: How often do you ping my site?
         A: We monitor your site form all 5 continents for accessibility: we ping you every 2 minutes by default – yet you are the one to select the ping frequency option. We update the domain registration (expiration) info every 6 hours.