Why Use KeepMeUp.com?

KeepMeUp.com was designed with 7 major goals in mind:

    To alert site owners when theirs sites are down

    We will ping sites that you submit to our service every 5 mins from over 50 different servers across all 5 continents to make sure your site is accessible from any location. In case when such ping fails, after few attempts of additional ping checks - we will send you a notification to the specified e-mail. Corporate KeepMeUp account holders have an option of being upcalled by a real person to alert them about the website outage.

    To track websites expiration dates and to alert the owners when such time is close

    In modern world it is normal for businesses and individual website owners to have multiple domains. Sometimes those domains are purchased under different registrars and registered under different e-mails. It may be hard to keep a track of the expiration dates sometimes. We offer a domain expiration alert service that will alert you a week prior to the domain name expiration date.

    To alert the site owners in cases of a potential domain theft (aka domain hijacking)

    We will alert you in case of a registrant change or an update. This will ensure that in case of a potential domain theft - you are alerted right away. We will alert you, regardless of who made that change: you, your delegated specialist or an unauthorized user. This comes in handy and will give you extra time to resolve a potential theft issue with your registrar as once the domain name is transferred off to another registrar (takes 7 days) - you are then not likely to recover it.

    IP (aka NS) address change

    Your websites content is physically located on a certain hosting. Domain name owner uses an IP (aka Name Server) address to point to that server. We will alert you in the case of such changes. Unauthorized change of IP under your domain can potentially be related to a website/domain name theft as well. We shall alert you of such change regardless of who initiates it.

    Optional alert on the expiration date update

    Whenever an expiration date is updated - to most it would mean only one thing: I have paid to extend my domain name registration. But what if a domain registration extension was paid for but you did not authorize it? It is a strong sign that you might have been locked out of your domain name registrar account (ex: godaddy). In such cases we can optionally alert you and if you were not the one extending your domain - first of all - log in to your registrar and change your security related info; if you are unable to log in to your domain registrar account - it is a strong site that your account has been hijacked. In the above-mentioned case - contact your registrar ASAP!

    Keep all domain related WhoIs registration info under one KeepMeUp.ogr account

    This is a unique feature that allows you to access your registration/whois information under one account. Such feature allows you to be on top of all changes to whois/registration info.

    To alert you of a potential DoS Attack on your server

    DoS Attack (aka Denial of Service/distributed denial of service/DDoS Attack) is an attempt to attack your server in order for your sites or services to become unusable or extremely slow. We offer such optional feature for free. This is a Premium level feature that alerts you in case of a detection of consequent DoS Attack signs.

Our job is to keep you up and safe. Whenever changes are done to the registry - we will update you. Website uptime monitor will alert you in the case when your site goes offline.